Country house in Extremadura for sale

– 2,6 hectare plot (26.000 square meters), flat usable ground and countless old Stone Oaks
– Totally legal with all the paperwork and licenses present
– Extremely well insulated house, thick double walls and trapped air in the roof
– Hardly any flammable materials used in the construction.
– All windows and glass doors contain heavy duty anti burglar double glass
– All windows are of the highest quality with thermal bridge, mosquito shields and roll shutters. Traditional metal bars in all windows.
– Tubing prepared for camera security system (although not really nessecary)
– House: 180 square meters, all ground floor, built in 2012
– Strategically located near highway and three larger cities
– Self supported: own water hole (also licenced, 151 metres deep), 8.000 litres water storage, warm water panels, 12 solar panels for electricity and sceptic tank
– 4 kilometres outside the friendly village called Almoharín
– Swimming pool (salt water)
– Apart energy/water house/storage
– Several other constructions on the plot
– Some fruit trees (fenced)
– Spectacular surroundings
– Easy access road
– Entire plot fenced by ancient stone walls
– Decent lockable metal access gate


1) Entrance
2) Hall with large integrated cupboard
3) Toilet bidet washstand/sink (all hanging, without touching the floor) 4)Separate room for shower, insulated bath, washstand/sink
5) Living room with integrated open kitchen, massive oak cupboard doors, potent wood burner, storage cupboard, access to patio by four glass doors
6) Sleeping room with integrated storage cupboard
7) Another sleeping room
8) Master bedroom with large integrated storage cupboard
9) Another double sleeping room (currently our library), a small storage room
10) A third roomy double bed room with its own access to the patio
11) A small storage room
12) A huge shady patio

A special feature is that the inner walls between 9), 10) and 11) could easily be removed to create a much bigger room. Those walls are made of double plasterboard and are not directly fixed to the floor. Even the floor tiles beneath them are not interrupted.

For inquires and questions, please contact Jasper
On Whatsapp: 00 34 672397556
by email: aspeguitars@gmail.com

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Location: About 4 kilometer outside the village called Almoharín in the centre of Extremadura, 12 kilometers from the highway A5, salida 294. The country house is located in the middle of the nature, were it enjoys loads of privacy.

Photos and contact

View as seen from the access gate, May
The hall in the center of the house
The toilet and bidet are wall mounted models, so free of the ground
The sink and the detail of the little tiles
The shower/bath room is separated from the toilet
The bath
All floors are ceramic with a realistic wood look
The living is integrated with the kitchen
A large cupboard with massive Oak doors. The woodburner is easily capable to heat the living and kitchen.
The kitchen working top is made of exclusive Angolan black granite, just as most of the windowsills

Bedroom 1 view towards the door, with integrated cupboard
Bedroom 1, view towards the window
Bedroom 2, view towards the window
Bedroom 2, view towards the door
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3, with large integrated cupboards
Bedroom 4 (we call it the library)
Small storage room
Bedroom 5, with large window and four piece access doors to the patio
All windows are from the highest quality available: traditional heavy duty metal bars, roll shutter, retractable mosquito shield, double insulated window frame with thermal bridge, three points lock windows with anti burglar double glass. Now that will keep the heat out and the warmth in!
Life is quite comfortable on our land! A swimming pool makes all the difference in summer time. With this type of swimming pool, maintance is very easy. Of course the filter system is also powered by solar electricity.
A walk uphill from the house shows how beautiful and virgen “our” protected valley is. The house itself can´t be seen, but is to be find in the distance, middle, behind the Oak trees.